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Verbatim DVD+R 4.7GB 5 pack - 43519 - 43519 Pack of 1 Verbatim DVD-R 4.7Gb 16x Jewel Case Branded Silver Non Printable OEM: 43519
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Verbatim DVD Plus R 4.7GB Printable Jewel Case Box of 10 - 43508 Pack of 1 Verbatim DVD+R 16X Inkjet Printable surface. Where previously Colours could appear uncertain dull and someway from those of the original image with Verbatims printable disc surface they are now as rich and deep as the original. The printable discs are also available in a glossy finish. As with print...
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Verbatim DVD+RW 4.7GB 10 pack - 43488 - 43488 Pack of 1 Verbatim 43488 DVD+RW matt silver. Capacity 4.7GB. Speed 4x. Can be overwritten 1000 times. 10 pack spindle.
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Verbatim DVD+R DB Layer 8.5GB 10 pack - 43666 Pack of 1 Verbatim Double Layer Discs provide a massive 8.5GB (2.6 for 8cm products) storage capacity. The double layer of recording has been made possible by the creation of a new substrate layer that sits in between each recording layer that allows the laser beam to record on both layers. Once the first lay...
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Verbatim DVD Plus R Inkjet Printable Spindle of 50 - 43512 Pack of 1 When drive manufacturers test their products they use Verbatim media. It's the global No.1 for a reason - guaranteed quality. Due to the extensive research and development undertaken over the past 50 years Verbatim is able to provide the highest quality discs which ensure that all your data will be ...
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Verbatim DVD+RW 4.7GB 25 pack - 43489 - 43489 Pack of 1 DVD+RW Matt Silver. Verbatim's DVD-Rewritable (as well as CD-Rewritable) use a Super Eutectic Recording layer (SERL). SERL ensures that noise-free recording can be enjoyed time and time again. With conventional rewritable media the recording layer deteriorates with every rewrite meaning a decrease i...
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Verbatim DVD+R 4.7GB 100 pack - 43549 - 43549 Pack of 1 Verbatim 43549 DVD-R matt silver. 4.7GB capacity. Speed 16x. 100 pack spindle.
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